What matters for your processor speed?

It’s mind-boggling like 6 GB of RAM it wasn’t even there in a laptop right 10 years ago you have it in a smartphone today right so and so broadband the hardware evolution of the telecom sector the software evolution right there are millions of developers today writing code you know and it only increases every day so all of this essentially has made ID a little democratic right so until about you know many years ago.

Let’s say just before a decade IT was a blocker right IT was a headache in a lot of sense where companies were not IT companies themselves right so for banks for retail stores for shopping malls for hospitals for government organizations for schools and universities for payment companies, for example, IT is really a none has always been right and will always be an enabling service and enabling function a supporting function right.

So for banks of course if you imagine it today’s it’s a little difficult to relate to it if you do everything online but for banks, IT is really an enabling function right that’s not their core business okay so if they have 1,000 servers for example if SBI tomorrow has and comes to you and say hey I am going to charge you 1,000 rupees every month extra from your account balance because I have 1 million servers to service you guess what you will not be as amused with that you’re like hey I don’t care.

How many servers you have I just want to access my account and to banking right, so companies today have evolved they understand that IT is an enabling function and that they should not you know get into the hassles of doing a lot of things, ok so they are spending less time in looking at the servers and in trying to fight with them trying to keep them up all the time because you do not get points for using X number of servers right you only get points and business for servicing your users right, so that’s why companies are excited about the cloud because cloud takes away all of this headache you know all of this hassle of both hardware and software and lets you focus on what your business is right.

What’s your core concern these are just some of you know some of the examples some of you know new-age companies which have used cloud at a global scale right they’ve grown very fast they are the companies who’ve done their IPOs you know fundraises very quickly who’s served you know millions of customers globally across geographies and such a hyper-growth environment such a list of hyper-growth startups is not possible when you have IT which is a barrier right remember capital expenditure for a small business.

If you had to buy 100 servers tomorrow as a new company guess what it’s a lot of costs right even if you say you know 2 lakh rupees per server it’s a lot of money that you need to put upfront unlike what it’s loud off you see right as a utility model you use these 200 servers to speed the bill in and go home right you can come back and again take those machines now so these are just some of the examples where this kind of these have grown really fast and that’s why people are excited about the cloud so tomorrow if you are you know an aspiring entrepreneur if you have a startup idea.

If you think that ID is something that I really need to worry about well a cloud can help you there right and it depends on certain use cases but it’s a lot of help that businesses get out of cloud computing a few numbers here to convince you further about the case of cloud computing so if you look at really the second row here the middle row are all I want to show here as three boxes so if you look at the first two boxes in the middle row it’s certain it’s telling you what are the top two players I’m sure most of you will be aware of this that AWS and Microsoft Azure are at the top to market leaders as far as cloud computing is concerned and the third thing that.

I want to show you is the top right box with it says 85% of companies are using multiple clouds so almost all the companies are using more than one cloud platform the top two major players are AWS and Shod and if you were to become a cloud professional you should definitely learn AWS and it should definitely also look forward to learning ashore right especially if you’re a Windows ecosystem person especially if you have windows bag non-professional right if you’re a.net developer.

If you have been a Windows person throughout as you are something that you should have definitely done but again it is just a point where Microsoft has evolved a lot especially under Satya Nadella and this is equally good for Linux as AWS is right in a lot of sense, so azure is not just about Windows that’s a myth as you is also about Linux and all kinds of things that you can do on AWS so as you are in AWS are the top two things you should aspire to learn as far as an aspiring cloud professional the growth in the ecosystem is not just happening globally it’s also happening in India as well right.

If you look at this over the last four years and also projected in the next year the trend is quite a linear right it’s growing every year and if you look at 2020 it’s almost three times the growth right, so the growth is also happening in India not just globally if you talk about what kind of cloud people are using there are different ways to deploy a cloud so when you say so that CV is essentially right, so there’s public cloud there is private cloud and there is the hybrid cloud right it’s a public cloud is a cloud infrastructure which is open to the public, not just companies right.

For example, when you say AWS as your Google Cloud etc are public cloud platforms even an individual can go and sign up for you know a Google cloud account or azure or AWS account and start using all of their services right that’s public cloud open to everyone on the other hand private cloud is meant for specific enterprises meant for you either your own company your customer’s company and is a closed ecosystem right, so the private cloud is meant for individual enterprises public cloud is meant for everyone having said that when you create something for yourself on the public cloud.

It’s not that it is public to everyone right it is your resource nobody else can access it so in terms of security public cloud is equally good right if not more than compared to the private cloud but without going into the security aspect and a lot of other things public cloud adoption is quite a high right and again if you see a double use as your other top two players Google is really catching up fast if you look at last year’s Magic Quadrant from Gartner Google Cloud is the third leader right according to Gartner.

It’s really the third leader essentially and my personal you know feel about Google cloud is that it will really ramp up fast because of all the basics being correct right, so these are the top three platforms and then you’re searching certainly watch out for google cloud because of their you know strong platform and their focus on enterprises right and giving more of a packaged approach to all the services an IBM VMware our oracle are more active in the private cloud space, but IBM certainly has a public cloud.

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