Here you can learn all the techniques of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.

What we help them with is defining the scope of the problem defining the approach and all of that right but with that, you can build a portfolio of projects that you of the problem that you want to solve great that is very evolving and contemporary.

These three things what we make sure is that the learning outcomes what people get a tender program are wonderful right and that also translates into really good career outcomes for our students another man okay and we covered all the techniques which are using the machine learning and AI all of them are covered in the course right so deep learning neural networks right we use Python Python is the language of choice for especially for AI algorithms like TensorFlow etc developed are developed in vitam we cover all the basics plus you know.

We don’t need you to be proficient in Python during the course we ensure that you build a base in Pike ton and then start using it so so there is no expectation for you to come coming into the course for you to have a prior understanding of Python right and the other thing is known focuses in addition to having theoretical concepts covered but so that you have a good appreciation and understanding of all of these techniques he focuses also and actually more on making sure that these are married to the applications right to your business understanding so that you can use these techniques to solve real business problems, so this is more of practitioners perspective that you collide and then you have a portfolio well plus in the sea projects this is the structure of the program right we start with a little start a little slow by building a base in Python and stats then we go and covered in machine learning techniques.

In the AI we come to cover all the relevant use cases and deep learning using your networks which are computer vision NLP intelligent agents it’s a girl thing and the AI part of the course has been created by IIT Bombay professors for us they again there’s some examples of the kind of projects which our students have done looking at let’s say New York City’s taxi supply using looking at data from uber like some of these from which the company still uber is trying to solve and kind of evolving problems is what we usually do as capstone looking at cash customer sentiment forum is on reviews like all of this we just give examples on how our projects predict our structure than they’re always on the cutting edge on the things that and temporary problems with industries also trying to solve eight, so these are the prerequisites for the program and I get a lot of questions on this that do.

We know do we need to know Python do we need to know programming language programming before a friend you know signing up for this course you know the simple answer there is as long as you’re not scared of programming right then you are good because whatever you need to know and Python is a very easy language to learn right it’s unlike like C C++ where you have to write lines of codes Python is a very convincing language with like two-three lines of code you can not an evil network it’s very very easy user friendly and easy to use and very easy to learn right so so you don’t need to know but you should definitely not be scared from writing up some lines of codes.

So that’s the prerequisite of the program right and these are some of the other things that we do to ensure there is career success for each participant so we do a lot of career development workshops right where we talk about what emerging trends what kind of roles can you look to apply for what can a force exists right what kind of transitions people have made what kind of skills do you need to have all of this right industry connect through mentors who are in a lot of we also do career fairs at regular intervals every month lasts a career favorite it was in Chennai where about 20 companies came in on the same day and about 200 alumni attended that very affair and 140 of them got you to know further letters of intent from that process.

We keep doing it and all our alumni and students invited us to all of these career fairs like peer to peer networking we keep publishing opportunities lateral opportunities on our accelerate platform right so all of this is this ecosystem this support system also is in place to help you once you have achieved learning outcome to also help you get the career out comparing self okay and if you look at this list where our alumni work what you realize is that now and this is only an indicative list right I’m guessing any major organization we have a relevant I’m working there and that too at a fairly you know mid to senior role in ml Nazi domains right and what you’ll see here is that the companies are secure are not particularly are not limited to only some domains.

It’s like 10 years ago it used to be only technology big technology companies like Amazon Facebook Google right but now you see things companies like oil and field right Todd’s Apollo Hospitals so across sectors now there are opportunities and machine learning and AI which are across sectors and as I was talking about this is more a broad-based opportunity which is evolving like and this is the usual the kind of analogy which I take here is you go back to 1990s right where the whole idea revolution happened it started with only a few companies but within five-six years every company was utilizing it.

Now you cannot imagine a company that is not utilizing you know complex IT systems similarly for this within ten years it will be unimaginable for any company not using machine learning or AI, so that was all for me let me just see if there any questions okay let me just quickly go through some of the questions, yeah, so one question is if you go to 99% accuracy with deep learning does it not over for it right, so there is the way this deep learning techniques are defined the going to define are very centered on the outcome that they have so that ensures there is no overfitting there right and so some of these details yet you will learn in the program late can I understand the DL is the enhanced model of ml.