What is AI NFL?

I think the LM ml techniques are fairly different right and I describe that BL is very different you know when you have to go from 70 percent to 99 percent that’s where you start using the L techniques okay it’s machine learning helpful whatever price yes why not actually a lot of our alumni come from this background and we have seen that all of these guys have been able to either have a better role in their own companies or have been they have been able to make those career positions for themselves yeah I spend with holy 21 is DDoS specific to India.

No, I think it was worldwide what is the ability of this program is a means of the market as I was saying in all major companies right our alumina are working in all major companies and what fear realizes, first, I mean having there is definitely an understanding in the industry the business on the program that we are running right but above all what is has started happening is the focus on the certificate and focus on this more focus now on the learning.

If you can demonstrate to anybody that you know about these techniques that is what companies are looking for so definitely there is recognition for our certificate right definitely it does help you get that foot in the door and that conversation going but at the end of it what it boils down to is showcasing what have you learned right and learning outcomes are very very important the bunch of questions around from different fields switching to AI NFL I think this what also there is that for all domains AI NFL techniques are going to disrupt a lot of domains were of companies almost all right.

I mean things like taxis hotels right contend all of these domains have already been disrupted by a and ml right and their banking etcetera now companies are working hard to destruct some of these traditional strongholds of highly regulated industry sectors right where it’s not really easy to make inroads so as we go along this will disrupt almost every sector and company and then it’s from whatever background you’re coming from right you can always marry this understanding with that background you can always position yourself for a better role right and a better career outcome is the online time-specific the way we run our online courses.

I said it is coupled directly with so it is enabled with personalized mentoring so what we do is there is content which is shared with you every week we’re supposed to the only discipline that we need from you is to consume the two to three hours of content video content you have to consume and then there’s a week on the weekend there is a mentoring session you have to come prepared for that and that so then it is basically on in that week it’s all flexible for you how do you want to structure it how do you want to consume the two to three hours of content right mentorship sessions happen at particular time slots but then again choose a time slot in then get according to your availability in terms of online course do we just watch the videos and not know.

Furthermore, I think the way it is different is that there is personalized mentorship so every week you get to meet a mentor and that mentor it’s only a group of 10 10 people to one mentor right so you have a very one-on-one come and then you meet the same mender Vikas we can be for the whole year so so then the mentor starts understanding what kind of things that you need that you write em any way you’re getting stuck you can be sort of the mentor so so that’s the reason having that support system that unique support system in terms of that mental being there and obviously as a team we are great learning in terms of technical experts who are there to help you.

Furthermore, I think that is what we an argue makes a lot of difference in learning outcomes and that’s the reason it is the course that we offer is not comparable to any online course online courses as I said have completion rates of only 20 20 to 30 percent our courses have completion rates of 90 percent plus which is staggeringly it’s very different from how the other place in industry work maybe some kind let me just see there’s any other in distinguishing other than the other theme of questions is more on hey I have 10 plus years of experience have 12 plus years of experience would this course help me on how what kind of career outcomes can I look at.

If I have already half Phineas of experience so in interaction with industry what we realize is as they’re moving towards more machine learning Nazi themes in projects right they need leaders they need people who they need leaders to believe these projects right so they’re looking for the uber seasonal needing big teams who are seasoned in managing clients and all of that right to need some of these themes and projects and there’s a lot of scarcity in the market in terms of experience and knowledge about machine learning and AI.

So we see when we talk to the companies or he realizes they are really struggling to find top talent in these areas with a good demonstrated experience of you know the business impact and business outcome so when you marry that your rate shear so experienced with this these techniques right then it becomes really powerful and actually, companies want to hire that kind of patent, so that’s a reason if you have a lot of user experience right but if you have a say if you have been managing deans managing clients managing missus verticals outcomes all of that plus machine learning makes it much more powerful.