How to increase your computing capacity?

I’ll be good until this point sheet the intelligence in client-server the processing in client-server was with the server not with the client right your client could be a browser it could be a desktop application and so on which is connected to the Internet but in edge computing what we are saying is the server should not be throttled with all sorts of crossing lodging right, so the server should not have all the responsibility of processing you know some work can also be done on the client machines.

Some intelligence can also be sent to client machines right so to give you an example in point here if you have an IoT infrastructure for example let’s say you have a washing machine or let’s say you have a refrigerator that is IOT enabled right and that refrigerator is connected to your mobile application where you see all the analytics right what has been the temperature of your fridge in the last you know five months what has been the pressure the compressor health and so on right.

Let’s say if you have such a refrigerator now there are two ways to do things here you can either run the analytics algorithm completely on your mobile app okay that is centralized processing the other way to do is you can run some of the processing to save your server capacity your mobile you know processing capacity on the refrigerator sensor itself so if you do some algorithm in processing on the refrigerator sensor that becomes edge computing that is the edge of your iodine Network right and you’re doing some form of computing there which essentially saves your server capacity right.

If you compound this right it results in a lot of saving for a global infrastructure in terms of computing capacity you know the efficiency and so on Sheet does that answer your question just a small example of edge computing okay okay great and for your final question sheet is security concerned in the cloud, yes, but security is concerned everywhere essential right before cloud also security was a concern and it will always be because no matter what the computing infrastructure is there are a lot of people who are trying to hack into your systems and infrastructure right.

It is a concern but to tell you what if 400 billion dollars is being invested in the global market and if the FBI in you is using Amazon Cloud right and the government of India is storing your other data on a cloud right it’s business as usual right so it’s not a massive security threat but it will always be irrespective of whether it is cloud or not yeah okay so Shivani has a question she wanted there’s no difference to be perfectly honest with you right hosting is hosting no matter where you do it yeah so if you host your website on it is the same for you.

If you host your website on AWS or as you it is the same thing for you you get access to a cPanel you update your files you finalize your DNS you know the numbers these specifications and once the DNS is set up once you have a domain name once everything is done your website is up right so she money there’s no difference to be perfectly honest with you because hosting is always a remote and as far as the machine is a remote for us it means the same thing right Shivani does that clarify your question you are okay so I hope she run is still there I don’t have a response yet but okay let’s move on to the to the final phase of this session and we’ll again take questions towards the end right so what are we saying here these are the skills that an aspiring cloud architect should know and let’s see how to go about it right and then how can we help you before we go into what we offer from great learning and Great Lakes to help you upscale as a cloud architect a piece of advice here from employers around the world is please do not become a paper certified architect right try to become a hands-on architect who knows how to build solutions right.

When you’re approaching certifications they should be done after a significant amount of hands-on experience right certifications should act as a validation of your skills and not as a replacement of your skills right so you know work on AWS working as your work and Google build a couple of projects and you know solutions build a couple of labs and then go and do your certification right you know if you don’t do that you might get a certification but will not serve you well because guess what when you go in and interview right when you get into an interview room your experience takes over right.

Your credentials your degree your diploma you know certificates of appreciation are all there in that folder they are not talking you are the one who is talking about it, so your experience takes over and that’s what you should focus on building right that’s what we do as part of the program that we offer and the postgraduate program and flowered computing that great learning offers in academic collaboration with Great Lakes it’s a six-month executive program it’s a program specially designed for working professionals.

You can pursue it on the weekends while you know also doing your work on the other five days it’s a program designed for people who want to become cloud architects right now certainly all of you might not go and become cloud architects right you might have different priorities and ambitions but what I really mean here is all cloud professionals at mid to senior level should aspire to think like architects right, so that’s what we mean by people wanting to become architects right because if you’re an architect in your mind you will always take a balanced approach you will always take an informed approach to a problem right and you will also be able to say hey for this particular problem we don’t really need the cloud solution right all we need the cloud solution or we need a hybrid cloud solution right.

That’s what we want all of you to become as aspiring professionals this program specifically is is completely online and you will have no work assigned to you for weekdays as well as weekends and there are tons and tons of hands-on work and exposure as part of the six-month program who will you learn from you will learn from people who practice cloud in the industry right and you will finally have this certificate from one of the top institutions of the country which is Great Lakes’ institution Great Lakes Institute of Management and it’s ranked in the top 10 business schools in the country right even by multiple rankings just last year in terms of what would you learn right.

It’s a very holistic program it’s a very comprehensive program so you start with learning you know the fundamentals and absolute in an absolute rigorous fashion you learn AWS and then you have the option of learning either Azure or Google cloud right you can pick either of them you will also work with containers microservices DevOps cloud design patterns and private cloud as of now in OpenStack because you guys are going to think like architects you also need to understand numbers right cloud financials what is the costing of each service that you want to use adoption and migration pattern is hard to create a roadmap for your customers.