Why you need to understand Big Data at a fundamental level?

You also need to understand Big Data at a fundamental level because no matter what application you’re building there is always going to be a lot of data right and your company and your CEOs will want insight from it right and for the developer amongst you like this is completely optional and this is something that you will do after finishing all the requirements of PG BCC we have a special developer track where we teach you to cloud-native development where we teach you serverless in-depth right things like lambda as your functions and so on either in either of the platforms.

There is an optional developer track that you can take as part of PGP cc at no extra cost right, so that’s a summary level think of what you will learn and just a snapshot of you know the kind of people you will learn from this is just an indicator list there are many many more people involved here so you have former chief architects you have cloud solutions architect at Microsoft who is teaching you is yours you have Big Data consultants and experts you have CTO at leading companies right.

I am myself one of the instructors in the program, but this is just an indicative list and there are many many more mentors and faculties involved right in teaching you a typical class profile is quite a diverse right if you if this is average out from all of our past batches you will have classmates from all different types of domains and backgrounds right you’ll have people from consulting people from manufacturing telecom BFS I even healthcare and obviously you know IT and Technology you’ll have all sorts of qualifications as well but most important you will have people from all sorts of experience buckets right, so the average experience is 11 years.

It’s a very informed and experienced class that you will become a part of the right and it’s certainly great to be a part of such a class and if you guys have a question as to what will I do as part of the program you’ll do two simple things learn everything about cloud computing and practice it right you will build a lot of stuff and that is what we evaluate you on there are very few Theory quizzes there are very few MCQs based quizzes right but most of your evaluation is based on the hands-on work that you do and about hands-on work that you will do as part of the program this is just a sample testimonial is an actual email that was sent by one of our students just a few months back right.

The student the learner did a project as part of PGP CCC and he was so excited and happy about his learning outcomes that he took the same project which is essentially a cloud-based Dropbox-like service and implemented it in his own company right in his own department in production not just staging right, so these are the kind of things you will work upon these are the kind of this is the kind of impact you can expect on your career right when you talk about real-life use cases the icing on the cake here is that all of the AWS concepts that you learn or are aw specialization is in collaboration with AWS educate right so it’s further validation of the kind of things that we are doing here.

As part of this relationship as part of our collaboration with AWS educate you get a lot of free resources to learn from but most importantly you also get the global AWS as you get job board we’re not just AWS but they’re partners across the world you know publish jobs which you can apply right and it will have access to this for one year now from the data enrollment we also help you through career support right we share career opportunities with you we do target career drives for our companies for our professionals as well and then we connect both of these parties essentially right.

So just in a few days, we are about to do a career drive with within it with a large Indian service company right without going into the name and we also have our own job board we do hackathons you can also reach us to you know for one to one career mentorship and so on, so this is the link where you can go and check about what we do as far as career support is concerned and I really hope this is all good questions as far as your career and since concern so and if if you have any further questions definitely feel free to reach out to us.

So that’s about it as far as you know the discussion from my side was concerned today and what we can do is we can look at the questions that we have from all of you and I’ll try my best to answer these you are okay, so Arthur has a question what is the question I want to know that what’s the difference in PGP CC and normal aw senator our courses okay a great question out there so at the PGP CC is a very comprehensive and balanced cloud program we are not brand ambassadors of AWS or a short and for your question when you do aw a certification and as your certification, they have a very specific path of learning with one aim of having you clear the certification exam okay.

They do tests you on MCQ based questions on situational questions as well right that has improved recently but they don’t really test you on your hands-on skills right unless you are a very diligent person unless you have practiced multiple solutions by yourself unless you build-out of projects by yourself if you are that proactive it is different but 99% of the people do not do hands-on solution building before taking a certification course right.

That is the problem right they have the certification but when you interview them they are unable to suggest a solution to a customer they are unable to come to connect different pieces of the puzzle and give you one horse a holistic solution right that’s what we focus on in PGP cc and if you look at the curriculum AWS image or are just about two two and a half months of the program right and the program is six months so guess what the rest of the three and a half four months we are also teaching you other important things like I mentioned which are necessary for a cloud architect right cloud financially in this adoption DevOps containers and microservices that is something you do not get in any certifications other does that help you get an idea of why it’s different right it’s about your understanding the solution building approach right more than anything else.