How the philosophy and the fundamentals changes?

The philosophy and the fundamentals don’t really change right so we focus on that so yes you will learn DevOps in-depth right but you will not learn a specific toolchain per se because that can depend on the use case itself and we’d like to cover multiple use cases okay, so Matt is asking in question I am interested in development until our domain dot J’s cloud Java-based if not what prerequisites are required for development Smith.

I’m not sure how you will react to this answer but nothing changes as far as development is concerned, to be honest with you right if you’re writing Java code you will still write Java code is pretty much the same manner whether you are writing it off the frame or on a cloud right it really doesn’t change so I’m not sure what you wanted to understand and it route again to get sample lectures you can just apply for the program.

It doesn’t cost it hardly cards cost anything and you get a content preview for that and based on that content preview you can make your decision whether you know you like the program in such and then you can take the decision Brain does GL the CL helped me to career counseling to find a career path shall I go ahead with cloud computing or big did and analytics Praveen that’s a very open-ended question we definitely counsel you right in fact I would love to happen a one-to-one conversation with you right and understand.

What your background is because I have not seen your CV I don’t know what you have done but yes we definitely help you to understand your own career and you know suggest possible paths okay since the companies are using hybrid clothes that way it is good to know is your hand in a blues what percentage of it of Luis will be covering okay, so that’s a very numeric question Ashish I don’t think it is the question that we should be looking at because if you look at AWS honestly there are more than 100 services right and literally creating a user is a service I am okay just running a machine learning algorithm is a service.

If you were to learn all the hundreds of services on AWS it in the grand scheme of things it really doesn’t mean anything as a Solutions Architect right what you would want to learn are the set of fundamental concepts first and then the set of managed services that you have which you would want to build a solution for or and which you will need as an architect so if you look at the percentage I am really not sure if I have to calculate it manually because AWS adds what about multiple services every other week right.

It’s a very difficult question to answer in absolute number but to give you a data point people have become you know AWS a Solutions Architect both associate and professional you know just by pursuing the course the program right they have not taken any extra training they become architects and some people in fact have all the three associate certifications and even then they find out labs and projects to be insightful and meaningful right, so that’s the kind of testimonial you get and that’s why we believe what the labs and the projects that people are doing are really helpful even for people.

Who already have doubles certifications right so I hope that that helps you with some data Dani will so it’s an online course that will share obviously reading materials industry articles and all of that but we really do not share any hard books right there are no physical books that we share because that’s not what we are doing and what the material that you have in terms of instructional content additional learning resources industry articles and you know white papers and documents proves to be more than sufficient right but if there is a specific resource that you would like and if we have it available within our catalog we’ll be happy to share Vijay you can definitely pursue the program if you’re a hardware and networking guy Ashish.

We do not endorse any specific language but looking at the market trend you know python is something that you would want to learn from we do not teach python as a programming language because we expect you know people at least to you now understand and make sense of one programming language but if you are if you feel that you need to work on you know any programming language Python is something which you can pick up many timings will be conveyed to you once you enroll and the program office will let you know bridge Bihar how long training videos will be available to us right.

They’ll be available to you even after you graduate and you can focus if you know more than a year or two unless they become stale in terms of content right because TEC content becomes outdated and even if you have lifetime access it wouldn’t serve the purpose that you have but for your question, you will have access even after you graduate says and yes in-depth you will learn lambda in-depth fantastic okay so I children has a very good question if I’m stuck on a project on mid of the week will someone help us siren first in projects what you can seek is guidance right.

You cannot seek solutions okay so for labs absolutely in fact people in their class group on WhatsApp you know help each other a lot and more than 70% of learning comes from their own peers but because the project is an evaluated component you will not know you’re not expected to seek help from others or even the program office but as far as understanding the project and expectations are concerned if any teachers to you now reach out to the program office anytime right Praveen I’m coming to that.

Now that we have now that I’ve answered all the questions let me continue because we only have about ten minutes left and let us understand the rest of the specifics of the programs and we can take any final questions, yeah okay, so this is what you will learn in a nutshell right some of you had questions as to what we will learn so without developing into each of the points here these are the categories and buckets of your learning that will happen right, so there are foundational concepts that you need absolutely to become a cloud professional right without these concepts you wouldn’t be able to do your job as effectively as expected right so you learn foundational concepts you learn AWS as you are and I know much more beyond that right.

If there were a group of people who really wanted to you know get a sneak preview of Google cloud although it is not in my curriculum we would be more than happy to felicitate that right through an industry session or a special workshop so it’s not just limited to the curriculum it’s also about as a class what do you guys expect and of course, we can’t accommodate all you know variations of requests, but there is something meaningful that you would really want to learn about we really try our best to accommodate that through special sessions workshops and you know industry sessions as well, of course, you will throughout the program we will stress and emphasize and you know to push you to learn how to build a solution and not just consumer service right our idea is not to teach you ec2 or s3 or you know as your VM.

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